Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?"

I would say that the kind of media institution that might distribute our film would have to be a British institution. As we have tried to show our characters in a way as to those in "The Business" It would have to be a similar institution.

I would like to say that maybe a Hollywood institution may be interested but then again, we couldn't find cars to blow up or guns to fire! Not that we would have anyway....

Our film would be cheap to produce and doesn't require a lot of props or actors, so I would say that it is more ideal for a  British institution who do not require a lot but can get you a lot, such as Momentum Pictures, who are famous for the distributions of films such as " The Football Factory " and " Law Abiding Citizen".

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  1. Go in to detail.,

    What institutions might you consider and why? Which one would be most suited to working with on your film and why? How would you fund your film? Have a look at the others' blogs to see how they've tackled the question.

    remember, the board are after you evidencing an ability to use a range of media technologies - so embeddable content, video diaries, annotated YouTube videos...these will all help give evidence towards as high a band as possible.

    Incidentally, you still haven't posted your prelim, drafts or final version as far as I can see. Get them up!