Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"How does your media product represent particular social groups?"

The social group which we had tried to portray in our film was mainly the "Underworld Gangsters" sort of group. The main qualities that these underworld gangsters all share are that they are all usually very secretive. Therefore, we didn't want to give away too much.

I think that the main characteristic we tried to pursue was the fact that "Underworld Gangsters" work only with people they can trust, as it is vital that no inside information is leaked. So to try relate to this, we thought that it would make more sense if we didn't use a huge cast for our film so we decided that two was suitable.

Another main aspect of our movie is that we're young and wild. You don't usually expect two young teens to be running an underworld gangster business. So in order to make it more realistic, we decided that "Franky and Tony" were working for someone else.

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  1. Okay, this is where you get to use all the representation skills you've developed ready for Question 1.

    Think about how cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene and sound have been used to represent your chosen social group.

    Needs images and video clips to illustrate your points.