Saturday, 12 May 2012

Here is our Prelim. It was originally supposed to stop at 1:25 but we never had enough time to edit it.

But still..enjoy


Here is the final piece from our movie Wild Dogs

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

"What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?"

I would say that the kind of media institution that might distribute our film would have to be a British institution. As we have tried to show our characters in a way as to those in "The Business" It would have to be a similar institution.

I would like to say that maybe a Hollywood institution may be interested but then again, we couldn't find cars to blow up or guns to fire! Not that we would have anyway....

Our film would be cheap to produce and doesn't require a lot of props or actors, so I would say that it is more ideal for a  British institution who do not require a lot but can get you a lot, such as Momentum Pictures, who are famous for the distributions of films such as " The Football Factory " and " Law Abiding Citizen".

"How does your media product represent particular social groups?"

The social group which we had tried to portray in our film was mainly the "Underworld Gangsters" sort of group. The main qualities that these underworld gangsters all share are that they are all usually very secretive. Therefore, we didn't want to give away too much.

I think that the main characteristic we tried to pursue was the fact that "Underworld Gangsters" work only with people they can trust, as it is vital that no inside information is leaked. So to try relate to this, we thought that it would make more sense if we didn't use a huge cast for our film so we decided that two was suitable.

Another main aspect of our movie is that we're young and wild. You don't usually expect two young teens to be running an underworld gangster business. So in order to make it more realistic, we decided that "Franky and Tony" were working for someone else.

" How did you attract/address your audience?"

We addressed our audience by going straight into action and giving them something to think about. We also introduced our characters ( Franky And Tony ) early in the film too. I believe this helped them gain a better understanding of the film and what it was about.

We attracted our audiences is a similar way. As the film went straight in to the action it gained the audience's attention and helped keep them focused on the film. Also, I believe the scene where it says " Wild Dogs " was quite a funny scene and it says no dogs allowed. What this done is show that there is also a comedic side to this film, so from early on they were aware of what to expect.


Okay, I'm going to be honest..Our time managing was terrible ! We never had a structure, timetable or anything but seeing how bad we were doing also encouraged us to fix up!

So firstly we decided to do much more filming in our time so me made arrangements etc. We started to film much in many more locations so we had a variety of shots to choose from. This helped us improve in other aspects too, such as our understanding of Mis En Scene. Due to much more hard work being put in we were also able to explore more with Mis en scene, as we were trying loads of different camera angles etc!

So after fixing up a bit and finally realising how important this was for us, we become much better organised and much more committed to our work. This was also because of the pressure ad encouragement we got from Mr Saunders.