Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Production-is the stage where the film is still being put together, forming casts, scenes, plots etc. There are 3 parts of production: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

Distribution-When the institution gives license for other companies to reveal the film, which helps gain more viewers.

Marketing- The financial stage where funding the film for producers, actors etc is taken place. 

Exhibition- When the film is shown to the audience, usually in the cinema, online or T.V.

Audience- The main viewers of the film. There is usually a target audience specifically  aimed at by the institution.

Institution-  The company that produce and own the film, containing all the power over the film. They decide how the distribution and marketing consumes.

Synergy- When the film is converged into different forms of media: Videogames, soundtracks etc..

Digital- A non physical technology usually processed online or T.V

Analog- Opposite to digital. Physical technology e.g a DVD

New Technology- The interactivity and connectivity ( Web 2.0)

Hardware-a form of physical technology

Convergence- two forms of media/technology combining. E.g. Watching a movie on your laptop.


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