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Here is our Prelim. It was originally supposed to stop at 1:25 but we never had enough time to edit it.

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Here is the final piece from our movie Wild Dogs

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"What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?"

I would say that the kind of media institution that might distribute our film would have to be a British institution. As we have tried to show our characters in a way as to those in "The Business" It would have to be a similar institution.

I would like to say that maybe a Hollywood institution may be interested but then again, we couldn't find cars to blow up or guns to fire! Not that we would have anyway....

Our film would be cheap to produce and doesn't require a lot of props or actors, so I would say that it is more ideal for a  British institution who do not require a lot but can get you a lot, such as Momentum Pictures, who are famous for the distributions of films such as " The Football Factory " and " Law Abiding Citizen".

"How does your media product represent particular social groups?"

The social group which we had tried to portray in our film was mainly the "Underworld Gangsters" sort of group. The main qualities that these underworld gangsters all share are that they are all usually very secretive. Therefore, we didn't want to give away too much.

I think that the main characteristic we tried to pursue was the fact that "Underworld Gangsters" work only with people they can trust, as it is vital that no inside information is leaked. So to try relate to this, we thought that it would make more sense if we didn't use a huge cast for our film so we decided that two was suitable.

Another main aspect of our movie is that we're young and wild. You don't usually expect two young teens to be running an underworld gangster business. So in order to make it more realistic, we decided that "Franky and Tony" were working for someone else.

" How did you attract/address your audience?"

We addressed our audience by going straight into action and giving them something to think about. We also introduced our characters ( Franky And Tony ) early in the film too. I believe this helped them gain a better understanding of the film and what it was about.

We attracted our audiences is a similar way. As the film went straight in to the action it gained the audience's attention and helped keep them focused on the film. Also, I believe the scene where it says " Wild Dogs " was quite a funny scene and it says no dogs allowed. What this done is show that there is also a comedic side to this film, so from early on they were aware of what to expect.


Okay, I'm going to be honest..Our time managing was terrible ! We never had a structure, timetable or anything but seeing how bad we were doing also encouraged us to fix up!

So firstly we decided to do much more filming in our time so me made arrangements etc. We started to film much in many more locations so we had a variety of shots to choose from. This helped us improve in other aspects too, such as our understanding of Mis En Scene. Due to much more hard work being put in we were also able to explore more with Mis en scene, as we were trying loads of different camera angles etc!

So after fixing up a bit and finally realising how important this was for us, we become much better organised and much more committed to our work. This was also because of the pressure ad encouragement we got from Mr Saunders.


Here I will be talking about our move Wild Dogs. I'm going to talk about how it was made, when and everything else to do with the movie!


Our movie was mainly inspired by British gangster movie " The Business ". This film has a similar kind of genre to ours but the main reason that this film was our inspiration is the fact that Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan are in it. The characters that me and Joe are playing are very similar to the characters Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan play in The Business. 

Target Audience

To be honest, I would say that there isn't really a specific kind of target audience as it could be suitable for anyone. The kind of audience who I believe will enjoy it more though, are those who really enjoy British gangster movies and also comedy. What is also good about our film is the fact that its not too hard to understand really, based on the language, storyline etc. 

Overall I would say that its most suitable for people who have an interest in gangster movies and also comedy. However, I believe that it is the type of movie everyone can enjoy! So there isn't really a specific target audience.

" Were sound and images Appropriately used? "

I believe the sound and images used in our film were appropriate to the genre and film.

Sound: There was a variety of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds used throughout the film which helped express the emotions of the situation. 

The diegetic sounds used were mainly sounds of birds, cars, the wind and Our voices. This helped create a more "realistic" atmosphere as most of our film was shot outside anyway.

The non-diegetic sounds were very crucial in our film too. The main non-diegetic sound used was this upbeat, relaxed sort of tune, which helped express the emotions of the characters. For the beginning of the film we used a mysterious, slow kind of beat. This was very suitable for that scene as it is dark and there is not much to be seen. I believe the mysterious beat helped keep the audience focused and created a much more mystical atmosphere.

Images: The images used in the film were very suitable. I believe the most appropriate and also very unique image was when the sign that stated " No Dogs Allowed " was shown and then our movie title " Wild Dogs " was shown right next to it. Just that one scene almost portrays our characters in a very good way as it shows that rules do not concern us and also shows the funnier side of our movie.

Overall I would say that the sound and image was used in an appropriate was as it was very suitable and helped express the feelings of our characters in a realistic way.

" Was it edited properly? "

The movie was edited in a good way but definitely not as good as it could have been!

During the process of editing our film, we had a little problem that caused a big situation! Final cut pro stopped working for us and just us, which sums up my luck really! With the help of sir we decided to use iMovie instead. Obviously this caused us some problems as it slowed us down and we had to get used to iMovie but it all worked out okay.

I would say though, overall I think it was edited properly, as the sound was suitable to the image and it fitted in well. 

The cinematography used in our film was well done. We used many quick cuts, especially during the phone conversation scene. We also used a fade technique which was interesting because it helped the audience understand that this scene was supposed to be the next day.

Camera angles, Shots, framing and mis-en scene

Camera Angles and shots :Throughout the our film we used a wide variety of camera angles to help with our movie. We included a lot of simple camera angles such as close ups and medium shots. We were also trying to be a bit more unique with a shots by including over the shoulder shots and also a shot from the ground looking up, but that wasn't always going to be easy. Here is a video showing our main problem:

And here is a more successful version of that shot:

Framing: With our framing we put the rule of thirds in to consideration. This was mainly used in the our phone convo scene. The camera angle we used there was a medium shot with rule of thirds. 
I would say that we took "Variety" into consideration, as we didn't want to keep the same boring camera angle throughout the whole film. 

We also used a Two-Shot to show both of our characters in the scene engaging in a conversation.
At the beginning of the movie, there was also a use of a cutaway shot to show the surroundings. However, this could also be considered a Weather Shot.
Here is a shot of us walking towards the tree that is about to change our lives! This is a long two-shot as it s quite far away, and you can see both of our characters: 
I believe that this is a good shot as it also includes diegetic sounds such as the wind, birds and my voice.

Mis-en Scene: The mise en scene used in our film is quite basic as it did not require much props or silly costumes. Our characters were supposed to be dressed in a smart manor BUT not too smart! So it was easy for us, as our sixth form clothes were appropriate for this. As for the beginning scene it was supposed to be a bit more "dark and mysterious" . So for this the appropriate clothing was something casual but also something that doesn't stick out. 

As our movie was based in 3 days we had to change clothes the next day. At first I was seen wearing a black shirt with grey trousers, which almost shows that I have done something bad and my character is a suspicious sort of person. Joe is seen wearing a bright green jumper which brown trousers. This portrays the fact that he is almost innocent and didn't want to get into all of this business the first place.

The next day I am wearing a brighter shirt with blue trousers which shows the fact that maybe I am changing...maybe. Joe's character is wearing a plain white shirt, which shows the pureness and honest of his character but also makes him look rather neat.

Lighting: The lighting used in our film was basic but effective. 

The first scene in the alley was supposed to be dark and mysterious, although this may have made it hard for the audience to see what was going on, I believe that this is the main reason it created a more scary and confusing atmosphere.

For the rest of the film it was shot during the day to show that anything could be going on around us at any time. Over the week the weather was nice and stayed consistent which helped render the shots together without it looking odd. Also, I believe that the sunny weather reflects our character's mood at the end of the day, because just like the weather, our mood had become much brighter.


Production-is the stage where the film is still being put together, forming casts, scenes, plots etc. There are 3 parts of production: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

Distribution-When the institution gives license for other companies to reveal the film, which helps gain more viewers.

Marketing- The financial stage where funding the film for producers, actors etc is taken place. 

Exhibition- When the film is shown to the audience, usually in the cinema, online or T.V.

Audience- The main viewers of the film. There is usually a target audience specifically  aimed at by the institution.

Institution-  The company that produce and own the film, containing all the power over the film. They decide how the distribution and marketing consumes.

Synergy- When the film is converged into different forms of media: Videogames, soundtracks etc..

Digital- A non physical technology usually processed online or T.V

Analog- Opposite to digital. Physical technology e.g a DVD

New Technology- The interactivity and connectivity ( Web 2.0)

Hardware-a form of physical technology

Convergence- two forms of media/technology combining. E.g. Watching a movie on your laptop.

Why So Serious Campaign?

The Dark Knight is by far one of the greatest movies ever. In my opinion anyway. However, this great movie didn't get all this hype for no reason. There was a lot of work done.  Here is a video showing exactly how this hype was built:

Warner Bros worked with  42 entertainment  to create  " Why So Serious?"
It began in May 2007 and ended up becoming a huge viral campaign. The campaign was mainly centered on the web, mobile, flash mobs, scavenger hunts, casual games, user generated content, collaborative narratives and also by video streaming. However, audiences were also immersed in the sag of Gotham City.
Over 10 million fans in 75 countries had participated ! This helped the movie become the most successful movie of 2008 and also the second highest grossing movie of all time!

The Website

The Why So Serious website played a huge part in the movies success. 42 entertainment launched a website which began a viral marketing campaign featuring the fictional political campaign of fictional character Harvey Dent. But there was a twist; 42 entertainment also established a "vandalised" version of "I believe in Harvey Dent" which was names " I believe in Harvey Dent too" where the emails that were sent by fans slowly started to remove pixels, and what did this do? Revealed a picture of the joker! It was then replaced with many "Hahas" and " see you in December"

Now obviously with a movie like The Dark Knight, with all the potential it had, there would have been a huge demand for illegal copies but Warner Bros were aware of this. Therefore, they had devoted a six month campaign to an anti-piracy strategy that involved a six month tracking down process of the people who had released a pirate copy of this film at any time.

Marketing Campaign

The movie made a huge profit which was to it's benefit and also not very surprising.
The campaign which had got everyone involved in the "I believe in Harvey Dent" earned them a lot of money. Participants were almost forced into buying products such as the cakes for Harvey Dent's phone because without them, they could not have carried on.

Millions of Batman toys, posters, t-shirts and even bed sheets were sold all over the world as there was such a hype. This obviously helped the company gain a lot of notice and money.

The Dark Knight had a budget of $185 million and the box office had made $1,001,921,825
So you can see how successful it was

Here is the trailer for the film:


I've noticed that I really need to take this subject more seriously. I have been messing around for too long and from now on, my will to work will be much more enthusiastic ! ..Hopefully